Men Wooden Watch

Men's wooden watch - the new jewelry concept

For years, the wristwatch has been an important functional accessory for men. Obviously used to know the time at a glance, it quickly became not just a utilitarian tool, but also a fashion accessory. Suddenly, a broad variety of watches became available for men to chose - from ultra luxury watches to more simple "common" watches.

Now that smart phones and computers are ubiquitous, watches are not the utilitarian accessory they once were. Every electronic screen covers that job with ease, which forces the wristwatch to innovate. Now, wristwatches are the way men can show their personal style. From steel to plastic to precious metals and stones, and now with TTANTI, wood.

Recently, environmentally friendly and sustainable products have been a theme across fashion lines around the world. Plastic and steel don't fit the eco-friendly mold, and precious stones and metals are rarely sustainably sourced - not to mention prohibitively expensive.

Now, a new sustainable, environmentally friendly, not to mention aesthetically pleasing option is available: a wooden watch for men. With simple designs it breaks the current trends and moves us to the new eco-friendly fashion wave.

Wood has been used successfully in several fashion accessories: armbands, ties, flip flops, glasses ... and now watches. With proper care and certification wooden watches for men guarantee a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Protecting our environment is a job for everyone, and at TTANTI we are proud to craft a product with passion and concern for our natural resources.

Darwin Black Watch

Une montre créée pour les observateurs qui aiment être connectés avec leur environnement.

CLP $159.000

Magallanes White Watch

Une montre faite pour les courageux qui n’ont pas peur de prendre des décisions.

CLP $151.000

Magallanes Black Watch

Une montre faite pour les courageux qui n’ont pas peur de prendre des décisions.

CLP $151.000