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The actual design philosophy is truly inspired by the adventurers who once traveled through Patagonia.

The history of the Patagonia region is full of explorations, expeditions and colonial waves starred by men, who with great effort and courage, stood against the rough weather and the long distances.

There are various theories about the origin of its name, one of them says it was given by Magallanes himself, that once he landed in the southern coast of what nowadays is America, he met local aborigines who were tall and had big feet. The size of their feet would have determined the origin of the name (Pata is a colloquial spanish word for the term feet). Later studies rejected this theory, as the aborigines feet were actually normal sized, according to drawings and descriptions of the time.

It is also believed the name was inspired by the chivalric novel “Primaleón”, which Magallanes was very fond of. One of the characters of this novel was the giant “Patagón”, and the first men the crew saw was a true giant.The ship company was amazed with this enormous man, and the likeness with the book character lead to the name “patagonians”.

By the time the story of Magallanes was famous, besides having marked a path and an example for other explorers who wanted to step on this new lands, he seeded an ambition of walking on the most southern forests, glaciers and discover new landscapes. The story of the “southern giants” spread very quickly, and fantastic narrations about myths and legends were written, and eventually the aborigines were known as patagonians for the rest of the world.

From this moment and on, this land was known as the “land of patagonians”, and later became “Patagonia”. Nowadays, Patagonia, keeping the mysticism, stories and identity of the original inhabitants, is the name used by both chilean and argentinian locals, and for the tourists visiting this beautiful region.

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Caring for your TTANTI

/ 2017-04-05

Caring for your TTANTI

Your TTANTI is a piece of art - built to honor the beauty in the traditions of the Swiss and the Patagonians, it will change over time and only become more special if you show it proper care. Just as a fine heirloom table made of wood should not be taken sledding, your TTANTI should also be shown respect and love. Just as that heirloom table will develop burn marks from too hot dishes at Thanksgiving or an upset toddler bangning his fork, your TTANTI will also collect memories.

The wood for the ring on your TTANTI was selected for durability and treated specially in order to last. However, wood is still wood and demands a certain amount of respect and understanding of its natural state. Scars will develop on your TTANTI and instead of being a flaw, are just about the natural aging process of an antique in the making. Take care with your TTANTI - high impact sports or a day spent swimming in the ocean is not the time to wear your TTANTI.

In order to keep your TTANTI in tip top shape periodically rub the wooden ring with a teensy tiny bit of wood polish. Should you develop a nick in your wooden ring take a super fine grain sandpaper and smooth it out to prevent it from catching on your clothes, etc, and then rub with a bit of wood polish. Should you need to clean your leather strap, carefully wipe it with a damp cloth to remove sweat/dirt and then massage a small amount of leather conditioner into the leather. Cleaning the glass face to your TTANTI should be done with a damp cloth, and if necessary a small amount of glass cleaner. Just take care to spray the cloth and not your TTANTI directly.

The artisans who created your TTANTI transmitted passion and dedication through their hands into your spirit. Your TTANTI is not fragile, it should be used and worn and loved, but it is a piece of art that commands respect. Our hope is that you will pass your TTANTI down for generations, imparting the mysticism of Patagonia on those you love the most.

Unique Watch

/ 2017-03-14

Unique Watch

A unique watch tells a story about the man wearing it. It says you're not swayed by what's trendy, it says your personality goes deeper than surface appearances. A unique watch tells the story of your authenticity - you do what's right, not what's popular. A unique watch lets your character shine through, shows you are grounded and firm in your beliefs.

At TTANTI we are proud to say our watches are built on the roots and stories that have defined the wild and wonderful Patagonia for centuries. From the brave past adventurers, exploring the icy lands, to the native inhabitants, to the achingly beautiful landscapes of ice, mountain peaks and towering trees, a TTANTI encompasses that complex and magnificent history. Wearing your unique watch from TTANTI puts you in a rare category of someone who can appreciate the immense history and beauty of a region and the past it holds, while at the same time can look to the future for progress, innovation and the bettering of our world.

When you wear your TTANTI you are not only reminded of all that has come before you, but also that you are building the next layer of the story of humanity. With each passing minute your TTANTI is a reminder that your presence matters, that your existence is important and that you have a say in the direction our world is turning. We are built on the roots and stories of the past, but we continue to forage for progress, innovation and for the good of our world. The unique watch on your wrist is not just a timepiece, it is a reminder to live the life that makes you proud. To live the life that honors the memories of the past and that proudly pushes forward for a better future for all the world.

So as you look down at the unique watch on your wrist, what will you work towards today? What's important to you as you journey around the sun? How will you harness this incredible gift of time, of seconds slipping past you, to pay homage to those who have come before you? How will you make the most of the minutes in your day to set the world up to be more beautiful in the future? We're only granted so much time on this earth, and at TTANTI we're doing our best to make the most of it.

Sustainable Man

/ 2017-02-22

Sustainable Man

What is a sustainable man to you? Is a sustainable man someone who drives a hybrid car? Maybe a sustainable man is your neighbor who grows his own vegetable garden? Or is a sustainable man your friend from university who always recycled the beer cans after a big party? Perhaps a sustainable man is the type of guy who cleans up litter in the park on the weekends. Or maybe a sustainable man is your brother who is always preaching about eating organic and is always trying to get you to shop at fair trade mother earth type stores. How exactly can we define a sustainable man?

At TTANTI we don’t believe there is one perfect definition of a sustainable man. For us, a sustainable man is someone who is always willing to learn and grow - someone who is constantly learning from his past in order to make the world a better place. A sustainable man looks at his life and tries to make the changes he can to improve not only his future, but his fellow citizens of earth. Indeed at TTANTI we don’t believe it’s possible to be the perfect sustainable man; it’s a continual evolution process that is not sudden and drastic, but rather slow and steady. A sustainable man uses his knowledge to care for the earth and his fellow citizens in small and meaningful ways through his day and his life. We pride ourselves on being sustainable at TTANTI, and are always looking for ways to improve. Our wood is harvested directly from fallen trees in Patagonia, and is certified by CONAF as sustainable. Our packaging is made of recycled paper. We operate solely online to prevent a large carbon footprint. Our workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage. Every decision we make at TTANTI is for the bettering of our beloved Patagonia, our time honored craftsmen and the world at large.

You don’t need massive, large scale change all at once to be a sustainable man. Indeed, the everyday decisions that you can carry through day to day add up to true sustainability. At TTANTI we’d like to highlight some examples of a sustainable man:

Alejandro, 22, lives in Buenos Aires. He knows vaguely about environmentalism and sees the recycling bins around his university campus, but doesn’t ever bother to recycle. One day he meets a new classmate from the González Catán district, Jorge. While walking out of class with him Alejandro noticed Jorge made a concerted effort to recycle a few water bottles left over in the classroom. When Alejandro made a joke about his classmate being Captain Planet Jorge smiled and told him, “If you’d grown up where I did, you’d recycle, too.” Embarrassed, Alejandro did a quick google search on his bus ride home. He learned González Catán is home to a massive landfill for trash from Buenos Aires, and residents don’t always have clean and safe access to water because of this. Many of the inhabitants are chronically ill and a stench is always present in the town. The problem has persisted since the 70s and isn’t going away anytime soon. Alejandro is now proud to help Jorge with his “Captain Planet” efforts.

Kyle, 27, just moved in with his girlfriend, Marissa, to her Chicago apartment. They work downtown in the same office and for their first month they happily carpool into the office just to spend more time together. Marissa’s car is a newer hybrid, and Kyle has had the same massive SUV since college, a battered hand me down from his father. Marissa convinces Kyle to ride with her because parking is easier in her small car, and the ipod hookup means they can listen to music  the entire commute. When Kyle starts splitting gas with Marissa he realizes he’s spending less than a quarter what he used to. He’s starting to see just how much gas he’s been using - and he’s embarrassed. After talking it over with Marissa, Kyle decides to donate his car to CASA, a charity for abused and neglected kids. Now a one car household, they don’t even miss his old clunker, they enjoy the money savings, their reduced impact on the earth and the fact that his car went to a good cause.

Minjun, 36, from Seoul, South Korea is on his first day of vacation in Cambodia when he and his wife are approached by two small children selling bracelets. His own four year old is at home, safe with his mother, and he aches thinking about his child having to work in the streets. Again and again on their vacation, Minjun is approached by children selling things. He knows they should be in school, he knows being on the street puts the children at risk for dangerous trafficking or sexual exploitation, but he doesn’t have a clue how he can make any difference on his own. One day while exploring a new neighborhood they come across the Friends Cafe - and realized it’s a social business dedicated to getting kids off the street and reintegrating former child laborers back into society. All profits are reinvested back into the community. Inside the restaurant there are brochures - Friends has multiple different social business across Cambodia and the world that Minjun and his family can support, just buying the things he normally would. A small change for Minjun, but a great outcome over the long term.

To be a sustainable man you don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be willing to change. To be a sustainable man you need to recognize when there is an opportunity to better the world and take it! Being a sustainable man doesn’t have to be hard. Being a sustainable man can start today. 

What to get boyfriend for Christmas?

/ 2016-09-28

What to get boyfriend for Christmas?

Maybe it’s your husband, or your brother. Perhaps your dad or father-in-law? Some guys are hard to buy for. Actually, some guys are impossible to buy for. It’s the age old question: what to get your boyfriend (husband, brother, FIL, etc!) for Christmas. Nothing like a little angst to go with the holidays, right?

If your Christmas gift recipient is who we have in mind, they’re self sufficient and prefer experiences to material things. They love exploring new destinations on vacation, but love the holiday traditions they’ve built year after year with their families. They crave adventuring in far off lands, but appreciate just as much coming home to their faithful dog. They enjoy a night out at the trendiest sushi restaurant, but never turn down a bowl of their grandmother’s homemade stew.

So when it comes to “things” for these guys? If your boyfriend needs something, he’ll go out and get it himself. And adding another Christmas snowman paperweight to his desk isn’t going the pack the punch you’re looking for. They appreciate a gift with meaning. A thoughtful gift that combines their forward thinking, adventurous side with their respect for tradition.

What to get your boyfriend for Christmas doesn’t need to be a struggle. A TTANTI is the unique gift your modern yet traditional man deserves. A TTANTI’s clean, modern aesthetic is coupled with the deepest traditions of Patagonia and Switzerland. Carefully created by artisans in both Patagonia and Switzerland from sustainable materials, a TTANTI is a statement for a man who respects both innovation and time honored customs. It’s an eco-friendly wooden watch that would look just as good with a suit as it would with hiking boots. It’s a watch with a story, and it’s a watch you can craft to your own story.

Natural Wood

/ 2016-09-28

A TTANTI watch is made from one of three different kinds of natural wood from Patagonia - Lenga, Roble and Aromo. You’ve probably never heard of them, and honestly, we’d like to keep them a bit of a secret. While they are incredible raw materials, keeping Patagonia a wild and natural landscape is at the heart of what we do. We produce our natural wood watches from trees that have already fallen and are proud to be certified by the FSC for our commitment to sustainability

Urban sprawl, agriculture slash and burns, grazing lands for animals, logging for paper and wood products … huge forests are lost every year and are not being replaced. Deforestation is affecting us all and will only get worse if we do not start taking steps in the right direction. Our commitment to natural wood from trees that have already fallen means when you wear a TTANTI you’re standing up for our planet for the next generation.

This is an American Indian quote, so not sure if it fits with branding, but the words are powerful and go with the theme:
“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” -Chief Seattle

Men Wooden Watch

/ 2016-07-25

Men's wooden watch - the new jewelry concept

For years, the wristwatch has been an important functional accessory for men. Obviously used to know the time at a glance, it quickly became not just a utilitarian tool, but also a fashion accessory. Suddenly, a broad variety of watches became available for men to chose - from ultra luxury watches to more simple "common" watches.

Now that smart phones and computers are ubiquitous, watches are not the utilitarian accessory they once were. Every electronic screen covers that job with ease, which forces the wristwatch to innovate. Now, wristwatches are the way men can show their personal style. From steel to plastic to precious metals and stones, and now with TTANTI, wood.

Recently, environmentally friendly and sustainable products have been a theme across fashion lines around the world. Plastic and steel don't fit the eco-friendly mold, and precious stones and metals are rarely sustainably sourced - not to mention prohibitively expensive.

Now, a new sustainable, environmentally friendly, not to mention aesthetically pleasing option is available: a wooden watch for men. With simple designs it breaks the current trends and moves us to the new eco-friendly fashion wave.

Wood has been used successfully in several fashion accessories: armbands, ties, flip flops, glasses ... and now watches. With proper care and certification wooden watches for men guarantee a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Protecting our environment is a job for everyone, and at TTANTI we are proud to craft a product with passion and concern for our natural resources.

Wooden Watches

/ 2016-07-25

Wooden Watch; the concept behind TTANTI

At TTANTI we care about the quality of the materials and the processes involved in our fabrication process. Many wooden watch/accessory companies seek out cheap and fast production methods. Wood is subjected to strong and harmful chemical processes, resulting in a finished product resembling plastic more than wood. TTANTI respects the slow, intelligent method of production. We respect our materials and the artisanal processes that creates the finest and most sophisticated details.

Wood has its quirks. It reacts to humidity and extreme temperatures. Without treatment splinters or cracking are a possibility. Forcing the material without proper care will eventually snap or deform it. The key to working successfully with this material is to respect time honored traditional methods as well as new and innovative solutions that take into consideration the long term health of the wood.

We work with three different kinds of Patagonian wood; Lenga, Roble and Aromo, each one of them with their unique color and texture. Each type of wood was carefully selected to transform into an elegant and passionately created timepiece honoring the traditions of Patagonia.

Creating a TTANTI watch is time consuming, carefully controlled and filled with passion. We focus on each individual piece of wood, carefully hand selecting via their grain how the wooden ring should be cut in the best fashion to endure daily use and standard pressures. Once selected, the wood passes through a shaping process, is cut to a predetermined height and then cut in our numeric control machines to carefully control an exact fit around the watch. After cutting, a mix of natural oils is applied by hand to create humidity resistance while maintaining a natural and pure look. No harmful chemicals.

The details are what makes TTANTI stand out from the crowd. When you put work and passion into the process of creating, you will get quality results.

Watch Store

/ 2016-10-06

Watch Store

The experience of buying a watch has completely changed over the years. Gone are the days of having a pocket watch handed down to your from your grandfather, and now, gone are the days of getting in your car, sitting in traffic and then browsing the massive, over air conditioned mall to find an old fashioned watch store. Today, the watch store has come to you. We’re at your fingertips via the information superhighway coming at you from beautiful and wild Chile.

We’re happy to learn that in our effort to be as green as possible, we’ve stumbled upon a previously unknown benefit. Some reports are now stating that e-commerce uses 30% less energy than traditional retail. Laying out the facts for us is the climate change consulting firm Cooler. They’ve released a new report explaining just how much an e-commerce store is helping the fight against rising temperatures.

The report states, “By minimizing infrastructure, reducing the need for warehousing, and maximizing transportation efficiency, small online retailers have created a climate-friendly way to buy and sell. All-electronic, with no need for everything from mannequins to signage to giant rooftop air conditioning units, they have dematerialized considerable parts of the retail process. Compared to a single big box retail store grossing $100 million per year, the day-to-day operations of $100 million in sales through Web-based peer-to-peer marketplaces generate 1,400 tons fewer CO2-equivalent emissions per year.”

A TTANTI watch proudly hails from the glacier spotted Patagonia in southern Chile. Chile is home to 24,133 glaciers – 82% of the glaciers in South America according to Greenpeace. And sadly, our glaciers are at risk, our home terrain is threatened. Climate change, brought upon us in part by supporting companies that do not value sustainability, threatens to irreversibly change our majestic Patagonia.

Every little bit we can do to help the environment is a step in the right direction. All the little changes add up to make a big difference, and when you support small e-commerce companies that are dedicated to sustainability you support the environment at the same time. At TTANTI we’re a proud online watch store!

Quote Source: Green Biz

For Him

/ 2016-10-14

For Him

Who is TTANTI watch for? A TTANTI is for a very specific kind of man ...

This TTANTI is for him. You know him. He drives a well loved, battered, adventure ready 4x4 that use to be his grandfather’s. He’s going to happily drive it until the wheels come off, but he slips just as easily into a slick chauffeured sedan when the necessity arises.

This TTANTI is for him. He loves camping under the stars with his nephews in decades old sleeping bags, teaching them about constellations and eating s’mores, but loves slipping into his 1000 thread count sheets back home to read his favorite novel for a quiet night of relaxation.

This TTANTI is for him. He looks comfortable and elegant at sophisticated dinner parties in his custom suit, all the while enthralling the guests with his adventure laden stories about his recent kayaking expedition in Chilean Patagonia.

This TTANTI is for him. He thrives in the fast paced corporate world closing deals. He’s well educated and driven to succeed, but loves to be found cutting loose and laughing at a table of old friends in the local pub into the wee hours.

This TTANTI is for him. He’s happy and engaged walking through an art museum on a Saturday morning, and then just as content hiking the dirty and dusty woods near his parents’ house the very next day with his trusty old Golden Retriever.

This TTANTI is for him. He can tell you about the black current and graphite flavors in a Bordeaux from 1998 without sounding pretentious, while laughing heartily and genuinely with you watching the latest slapstick comedy movie.

This TTANTI is for him. He’s understated and elegant. He’s friendly and rolls his eyes at pretension. He cares about the world and the people in it. He respects tradition and values innovation. He loves adventure and the pursuit of greatness. He loves his family fiercely and has never met a stranger. He’s kind and polite, but never afraid to stand up for himself or for those he loves. He’s a man comfortable in any situation and is capable of making others feel comfortable themselves. He’s sure of himself, what he stands for and what he believes.

Celebrity Watches

/ 2016-10-27

Celebrity Watches

Who do you admire? Who do you seek to emulate? Are you a follower of trends, or do you blaze your own path? Do you look to others to define what you wear or do you wear what makes you feel confident and like yourself? When it comes to how you style yourself do you look to the rich and famous to see what’s in, or do you rely on your intuition? Do you seek out your favorite actor’s hairstyle? A singer’s jeans? Football player shoes? Celebrity watches?

There are some things about stereotypical celebrity watches that are a given - everyone could agree on what they look like and what they stand for. Everyone agrees what certain style statements say about their wearer, how they define their wearer’s personality and values.Celebrity watches are ludicrously expensive. Covered in diamonds and dripping in gold. Celebrity watches are ostentatious and loud. Celebrity watches are heavy and meant to draw attention. They’re made to stand out and define your personality instead of letting your personality speak for itself.

Here at TTANTI we challenge you to blaze your own path. We want you to become your own version of celebrity. We want you to wear your values on your wrist and change what celebrity watches look like. Proudly state that your worth is not from diamonds and gold and all that glitters, but from knowing that quality comes from trusted and talented artisans who are using timeless materials to create a watch that mirrors your personal values and personality, instead of defines it.

At TTANTI we believe your watch should be an extension of yourself and shouldn’t overshadow who you are deep down in your core. We believe your watch shouldn’t speak for itself, but should instead let you do the speaking with your watch quietly backing you up showing that actions speak louder than words.

TTANTI watches are responsibly made and combine Swiss and Patagonian traditions. Made following time honored practices by artisans who respect their craft, a TTANTI is for those who are confident in themselves and their choices. A TTANTI is for those who break from the trends and instead seek to create their own style. A TTANTI is for those who are recreating what is seen as a celebrity watch.

What to Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas

/ 2016-11-23

What to Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas

“What to buy my boyfriend for Christmas?” you ask yourself at least five times a day. It feels almost like a cruel test, right? You’ve been mulling this decision over for weeks now, and as the day get closer the pressure mounts. “What to buy my boyfriend for Christmas?” is now ringing in your ears almost like a daily reminder that you’ve got the ultimate final examination coming up.

When you’re trying to decide what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas it seems like you always have two opposing sides pulling at you. What you buy needs to seem personal, like a great fit for him, but not like you’ve been snooping through his things to find out the deep dark personal details of his life that he hasn’t shared with you quite yet. What you buy your boyfriend for Christmas needs to seem thoughtful, like you’ve given him just the right amount of consideration, but also that it was effortless for you to know what would fit with his personality. What you buy your boyfriend for Christmas should appeal to his practical side, it should be useful, but also show a spark of fun and adventure. It needs to be nice, not over the top you’ve tried too hard and blown your rent money, but nice enough to get an eyebrow raise and a, “Wow. This is awesome.”

“What to buy my boyfriend for Christmas?” you ask. Look no further. We have your test aced, your final examination on lockdown and your awesome girlfriend status tied up with a bow. A TTANTI is personal without doing a deep dive into his soul. A TTANTI is thoughtful without being over the top. A TTANTI is combines practicality with excitement. A TTANTI is generous, without breaking the bank.

A TTANTI is the gift that will set you apart this Christmas. Lovingly and thoughtfully crafted by artisans in wild and free Chilean Patagonia and precise and efficient Switzerland, a TTANTI is what to buy your boyfriend for Christmas this year. The combination of the Patagonian and Swiss traditions allows all the contradictions you have swirling in your brain to settle into the perfect gift. A TTANTI.

Graduation Gift for Boyfriend

/ 2016-11-29

Graduation Gift for Boyfriend

Graduation gift for boyfriend? What could even begin to adequately mark these last several years in school? How can one gift possibly encompass all the blood, sweat and toil he’s put into this degree? How could one tiny graduation gift for boyfriend really show him how much you admire him and his diligence? Could that really be wrapped up with a bow?

He’s been working so hard for so long. He’s spent countless nights studying until the break of dawn. He’s given up so much, made so many sacrifices that you wouldn't even begin to know where to start listing them. He’s been so laser focused on his goals. He’s poured so much effort into this degree that any graduation gift for boyfriend won’t do. Your boyfriend deserves something something to mark his achievements. Something that shows you’ve noticed all his dedication, respect the man he’s making himself into, and are proud of his perseverance, even when times were rough. This graduation gift isn’t hollow  - this is the acknowledgement and celebration of your boyfriend’s dreams coming to fruition.

Your boyfriend’s graduation gift should combine the qualities you love in him: principled, respect of traditions, unique, dedicated to quality and ready to take on the adventure. At TTANTI, we’ve got you covered. Combining the adventurous spirit of Chilean Patagonia with the time honored quality of Swiss craftsmen, a TTANTI watch will perfectly encompass all the traits your boyfriend so readily displayed as he worked towards graduation. This graduation gift for your boyfriend will speak volumes without saying a single word.

At TTANTI we respect the dedication that goes into following your passion. We’re keenly aware of the hard work it takes to achieve your dreams, as we have poured ours into this watch. We’ve spent countless days and nights working on our craft so we could offer you a product that would reflect and celebrate the same in you and your loved ones. A watch unlike any other, a TTANTI shows that careful thought and consideration went into choosing the perfect gift to mark such an important milestone.


/ 2016-12-21


What does luxury mean for you? How would you define luxury? Does luxury bring up images of caviar and champagne? Is luxury a butler with a silver platter waiting on you hand and foot? Or perhaps luxury is chauffeured black sedan to a fancy dinner party? Maybe luxury to you is a mansion on the beach. Or an expensive chalet in the mountains? While those things might appeal to some, in our minds here at TTANTI the ultimate luxury is time. Luxury is time to spend as you wish. Luxury is time with those you love. Luxury is time spent doing what you are passionate about. Luxury is know your time is yours and yours alone. Luxury is harnessing time and making the most of every last second.

Time cannot be purchased at any cost. Time cannot be replaced or redone. Time cannot be changed as it only marches forward. Time ticks away at the same rate no matter your social status, no matter how much power you have, no matter how much you beg. Luxury is all about enjoying that which is rare or hard to obtain, and time is the only thing that money cannot buy, cannot replace and cannot change.

At TTANTI we recognize that time is a precious luxury that should not be wasted. We’ve dedicated our company to recognizing the ultimate luxury and helping you keep it at the forefront of your mind. We know that every passing second cannot be rewound or redone. We’re passionate about keeping our passions, our goals and our priorities in clear view. A TTANTI on your wrist should remind you that the true luxuries in life are not things. They cannot be bought. They cannot be picked out of a magazine or sold by a department store. True luxury is not flash and glitz and glam. Luxury is making the most of your limited time to be true to your ideals, yourself and those you love.

This holiday season, use your gift to remind your loved ones that time is the ultimate luxury. Remind the people that you love to spend their time wisely, to not waste a single second on negativity or pessimism, but rather to relish is joy and love. Remind them to savor the luxury that is time.

Luxury Brands

/ 2016-12-29

Luxury Brands

The term “luxury brands” should be relatively easy to define. They shouldn’t be clouded in mystery - a faceless factory making you want to buy things you don’t need with splashy advertisements. Luxury brands should be reputable, honest and have craftsmen and women creating goods with dedication to their work and passion for quality. Isn’t that how you would prefer to think of luxury brands? Goods from luxury brands should add elegance and refinement to your life. They should remind you of the important things in life, and not keep you from them. Luxury brands should be transparent to let customers know where their goods came from. Luxury brands should envelop your spirit, your ideals and your way of life.

At TTANTI we combine the spirit of Patagonia with the precision of Switzerland. It’s more than just a tagline to us, it’s how we have come to grow into our luxury brand status. We’re transparent on our production process because we want you to be confident in the product you’re wearing, certain of its heritage. Luxury brands should take their craft seriously, and at TTANTI we are fully dedicated to making high quality, unique and elegant pieces for the modern man.

What do we mean when we say we are combining the spirit of Patagonia with the precision of Switzerland? Our watches have several components that are directly traced back to their roots. First, the leather straps on our watches come from high quality leather craftsmen in Patagonia, Chile. The leather is treated in an all natural way to age elegantly as you wear the watch. Furthermore, our craftsmen work actively to prevent scrap material from ever being sent to the landfill. Our meticulously laser cut wooden rings are also sourced from Patagonia, from trees already fallen. Certified by the American Forest Stewardship Council, we are proud of our quality seal certifying the responsible use of native forests. We are similarly certified by CONAF, a Chilean organization ensuring the proper usage of native forests. Finally, our timepieces are made in Switzerland, from craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the art of accurate time telling. Precision in watch making takes on a whole new level with a TTANTI Swiss made timepiece.

What do you demand of your luxury brands? Unique products? Well made products? For us, a luxury brand should add joy to your life, it should envelop your spirit, through high quality pieces. At TTANTI, we proudly embody the definition of luxury brands.

Perfect Gift

/ 2017-01-13

Perfect Gift

This Christmas did you receive the perfect gift? Was your perfect gift wrapped all nice and pretty under the Christmas tree just waiting for you with bows and ribbons? Did Santa leave you something that made your eyes light up and your heart go pitter patter? Or was this another year of tacky sweaters from your Aunt Joan and useless paperweights from cousin Steve? Another year feigning excitement as you open gifts? Has the perfect gift alluded you yet again? Well, maybe it’s time to change things up. It’s time for the perfect gift.

Not to be ungrateful, but giving the perfect gift is pretty darn hard. Your family loves you, but it’s next to impossible to see someone once or twice a year and somehow magically know what their definition of the perfect gift is. They meant well, of course. Aunt Joan probably thought that tacky swear would bring out the blue in your eyes and cousin Steve was probably so excited about his own awesomely fantastic paperweight he just figured you would love it, too. Hard to be angry at people who love you and do nice things for you, right? But still, it’s disappointing to open another useless gift. It’s sad to think of someone spending their hard earned money on something you don’t want, don’t need or can’t use.

So let’s flip the scrip. Get your own perfect gift for yourself this year and accept with gratitude the crummy gifts from your family. Return them, regift them, donate them to charity, sell them on Craigslist or repurpose them. And then, go buy your own perfect gift. One that speaks to your heart, one that showcases your values, one that encompasses your personality and your dreams for the future. This year your perfect gift can make you smile every time you bring it out.

This year treating yourself to a high quality, unique timepiece is the ultimate luxury. Combining the best of traditions and materials from wild Chilean Patagonia and precise Switzerland, a TTANTI is truly the perfect gift you can give yourself this year. So forgive the tacky sweaters and paperweights. The act of giving was their way of showing love, the material item doesn’t matter. This year you can give yourself the perfect gift: a TTANTI.

Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad

/ 2016-11-17

Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad

You’ve been meaning to get around to shopping for your Dad’s Christmas gift for a while now. It first popped up in your brain in late September, and you gave yourself a mental pat on the back for “starting early” this year. In mid-October you remembered again and idly googled “what to get my dad for christmas” or  “unique christmas gifts for dad” but then never pulled the trigger. After Halloween you told yourself you’d better get serious. Then just last week when you found the perfect gift for your mom and sister you realized it was crunch time. Christmas is only 39 sleeps away! Santa is currently making his list and checking it twice, and he doesn’t even need to google unique Christmas gifts for Dad because he’s been prepped since June. ;)

Your dad has been there for you since the beginning. He’s always been the man with the plan, the guy who could offer solutions and give you the help you need. Maybe it was the bully on the playground pushing kids off swings? I’d bet the first person you ran to, yelling the whole way, was your dad. He’d fix it! He’d put that kid in his place! Or perhaps when you first got your driver’s license and just three weeks later rear ended that lady who you swear came out of nowhere? She was so angry and you had no idea what you were supposed to do. Who to call? Dad, of course. He can fix it for sure. A dad like your dad? He deserves a unique Christmas gift.

He’s also the first person you want to tell when things go right. When things are happy and exciting and they need to feel real? You have to tell your dad! When you aced that calculus final that he’d been helping you study for since you flunked the midterm? First person you called after school was your dad, I’m sure. Or maybe it was so much bigger -- maybe it was when you proposed to your girlfriend, she said yes and you were floating on cloud nine. Telling your dad made it feel concrete. Sharing your excitement with your dad made it doubly exciting. A dad like your dad? He deserves a unique Christmas gift.

Dads like your dad deserve something that shows how much you care. A unique Christmas gift is exactly what your dad deserves. His gift should show that you know what he values - hard work, craftsmanship, being unique, exploring the world. Your dad deserves a unique Christmas gift that won’t sit in a drawer, that won’t collect dust. Your dad deserves a TTANTI.  

Affordable Luxury

/ 2017-01-23

Affordable Luxury

You can’t buy it with any amount of money - it’s just not possible. It’s available to everyone in the entire world, and we all get the exact same amount each day, each week, each month, each year. You can’t trade for more. You cannot demand more, no matter how powerful you are. Your wealth, your social status, your influence will never get you any extra. Time: you are our most affordable luxury, yet we abuse you. Time: you are the most affordable luxury, yet we sit and watch you waste away. Time: you are the most affordable luxury, yet we neglect you. Time: you are the most affordable luxury, yet we ignore you. Time: you are the most affordable luxury, yet we wish you away and then marvel where you went.

Time spent with your loved ones is an affordable luxury. Time spent following your passions is an affordable luxury. Time spent enjoying your life, making the most of every last second is an affordable luxury. Time spent feeding your brain and spirit is an affordable luxury. It costs nothing to use your time to the fullest. You don’t need to save up to use your time wisely. Your bank account can be at $0 and you still have the same 24 hours in one day. You have to spend exactly $0 to have 52 weeks in the year. February has 28 days no matter who your father is. Even billionaires get 60 minutes in an hour. Time is the ultimate luxury, and when you can harness it and pull every last inch out exactly as you wish, you have experienced the ultimate luxury.

At TTANTI we believe that a watch should not only display a point of time as measured in hours and minutes; but should be a constant reminder that time is passing, that we must enjoy every moment. Your TTANTI is made with time honored materials, with time honored traditions, by the most dedicated and passionate artisans in the world. Their work on your wrist serves as a reminder to enjoy the ultimate affordable luxury: time.