/ 2014-10-17

The actual design philosophy is truly inspired by the adventurers who once traveled through Patagonia. The history of the Patagonia region is full of explorations, expeditions and colonial waves starred by men, who with great effort and courage, stood against the rough weather and the long distances. There are various theories about the origin of its name, one of them says it was given by Magallanes himself, that once he landed in the southern coast of what nowadays is America, he met local aborigines who were tall and had big feet. The size of their feet would h... Read More

Caring for your TTANTI

/ 2017-04-05

Caring for your TTANTI Your TTANTI is a piece of art - built to honor the beauty in the traditions of the Swiss and the Patagonians, it will change over time and only become more special if you show it proper care. Just as a fine heirloom table made of wood should not be taken sledding, your TTANTI should also be shown respe... Read More

Unique Watch

/ 2017-03-14

Unique Watch A unique watch tells a story about the man wearing it. It says you're not swayed by what's trendy, it says your personality goes deeper than surface appearances. A unique watch tells the story of your authenticity - you do what's right, not what's popular. A unique watch lets your character shine through, shows you are grounded and firm in your beliefs. A... Read More

Sustainable Man

/ 2017-02-22

Sustainable Man What is a sustainable man to you? Is a sustainable man someone who drives a hybrid car? Maybe a sustainable man is your neighbor who grows his own vegetable garden? Or is a sustainable man your friend from university who always recycled the beer cans after a big party? Perhaps a sustainable man is the type of guy who cleans up litter in the park on the weekends. Or ... Read More

What to get boyfriend for Christmas?

/ 2016-09-28

What to get boyfriend for Christmas? Maybe it’s your husband, or your brother. Perhaps your dad or father-in-law? Some guys are hard to buy for. Actually, some guys are impossible to buy for. It’s the age old question: what to get your boyfriend (husband, brother, FIL, etc!) for Christmas. Nothing like a little angst to go with the holidays, right? If your Christmas gift... Read More

Madera Natural

/ 2016-09-28

Un reloj TTANTI está hecho de uno de los tres tipos diferentes de madera natural de la Patagonia - Lenga, Roble y Aromo. Probablemente nunca has oído hablar de ellos, y honestamente, nos gustaría mantenerlos un poco en secreto. Mientras que son materias primas increíbles, mantener Patagonia como un paisaje salvaje y natural está en el corazón de lo que hacemos. Producimos nuestros... Read More

Men Wooden Watch

/ 2016-07-25

Men's wooden watch - the new jewelry concept For years, the wristwatch has been an important functional accessory for men. Obviously used to know the time at a glance, it quickly became not just a utilitarian tool, but also a fashion accessory. Suddenly, a broad variety of watches became available for men to chose - from ultra luxury watches to more simple "common" watches. ... Read More

Relojes de madera

/ 2016-07-25

Reloj de Madera, El concepto detrás de TTANTI En TTANTI nos preocupamos por la calidad de los materiales y de los procesos que intervienen en nuestro proceso de fabricación. Muchas marcas de reloj / accesorios de madera buscan métodos de producción baratos y rápidos. La madera se somete a procesos químicos fuertes y perjudiciales, lo que resulta en un producto acabado que s... Read More

Tienda de Relojes

/ 2016-10-06

Watch Store La experiencia de comprar un reloj ha cambiado totalmente en los últimos años. Atrás han quedado los días de tener un reloj de bolsillo heredado de tu abuelo, y ahora, se han ido los días de ir en tu auto, sentado en el tráfico para luego navegar entre la gente en el mall bajo el aire acondicionado para encontrar una vieja tienda de relojes de moda . H... Read More

For Him

/ 2016-10-14

For Him Who is TTANTI watch for? A TTANTI is for a very specific kind of man ... This TTANTI is for him. You know him. He drives a well loved, battered, adventure ready 4x4 that use to be his grandfather’s. He’s going to happily drive it until the wheels come off, but he slips just as easily into a slick chauffeured sedan when the necessity arises. This... Read More

Celebrity Watches

/ 2016-10-27

Celebrity Watches Who do you admire? Who do you seek to emulate? Are you a follower of trends, or do you blaze your own path? Do you look to others to define what you wear or do you wear what makes you feel confident and like yourself? When it comes to how you style yourself do you look to the rich and famous to see what’s in, or do you rely on your intuition? Do you seek out your ... Read More

What to Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas

/ 2016-11-23

What to Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas “What to buy my boyfriend for Christmas?” you ask yourself at least five times a day. It feels almost like a cruel test, right? You’ve been mulling this decision over for weeks now, and as the day get closer the pressure mounts. “What to buy my boyfriend for Christmas?” is now ringing in your ears almost like a daily reminder that you’ve got t... Read More

Graduation Gift for Boyfriend

/ 2016-11-29

Graduation Gift for Boyfriend Graduation gift for boyfriend? What could even begin to adequately mark these last several years in school? How can one gift possibly encompass all the blood, sweat and toil he’s put into this degree? How could one tiny graduation gift for boyfriend really show him how much you admire him and his diligence? Could that really be wrapped up with a bow? <... Read More


/ 2016-12-21

Luxury What does luxury mean for you? How would you define luxury? Does luxury bring up images of caviar and champagne? Is luxury a butler with a silver platter waiting on you hand and foot? Or perhaps luxury is chauffeured black sedan to a fancy dinner party? Maybe luxury to you is a mansion on the beach. Or an expensive chalet in the mountains? While those things might appeal... Read More

Luxury Brands

/ 2016-12-29

Luxury Brands The term “luxury brands” should be relatively easy to define. They shouldn’t be clouded in mystery - a faceless factory making you want to buy things you don’t need with splashy advertisements. Luxury brands should be reputable, honest and have craftsmen and women creating goods with dedication to their work and passion for quality. Isn’t that how you would prefer to ... Read More

Perfect Gift

/ 2017-01-13

Perfect Gift This Christmas did you receive the perfect gift? Was your perfect gift wrapped all nice and pretty under the Christmas tree just waiting for you with bows and ribbons? Did Santa leave you something that made your eyes light up and your heart go pitter patter? Or was this another year of tacky sweaters from your Aunt Joan and useless paperweights from cousin Steve? Anot... Read More

Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad

/ 2016-11-17

Unique Christmas Gifts for Dad You’ve been meaning to get around to shopping for your Dad’s Christmas gift for a while now. It first popped up in your brain in late September, and you gave yourself a mental pat on the back for “starting early” this year. In mid-October you remembered again and idly googled “what to get my dad for christmas” or  “unique christmas gifts for dad”... Read More

Affordable Luxury

/ 2017-01-23

Affordable Luxury You can’t buy it with any amount of money - it’s just not possible. It’s available to everyone in the entire world, and we all get the exact same amount each day, each week, each month, each year. You can’t trade for more. You cannot demand more, no matter how powerful you are. Your wealth, your social status, your influence will never get you any extra. Time: you... Read More

Regalo perfecto para hombre

/ 2017-05-29

Si alguna vez te has preguntado cuál es el regalo perfecto para hombre o no has decididoel obsequio para ese evento especial, no es extraño que no hayas encontrado laopción ó el regalo perfecto. Algunas ideas de regalo para hombre pueden variar entre carteras, perfumes, cinturones,corbatas y hasta relojes. Obsequios como estos siempre vienen bien. ... Read More

Regalo para hombre hecho a mano

/ 2017-05-29

Cuando quieres sorprender a alguien y conoces al hombre al que admiras, sabrás que unbuen regalo para hombre hecho a mano puede llegar a ser un estupendo detalle. Lejos de ofrecer tecnología que todos podemos encontrar en los aparadores de lastiendas. La artesanía es uno de los nuevos lujos que estamos descubriendo. La atención al detalle y... Read More